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Arrland is a 3D pirate metaverse blockchain game with an expandable land surrounding the fictional world of Arrland where pirates battle each other for bounty and booty.

Experience the play and earn MOBA strategy game powered by Polygon blockchain and become a pirate to make real money.

Arrland Synopsis:

Pirates of the Arrland or simply Arrland is a metaverse play-and-earn MOBA strategy game on the Polygon blockchain technology developed by the Polish game studio, Anfata Games. So, the game combines MOBA game mode of the battle arena with strategy and economy modes making unique gameplay. In the Arrland metaverse, players can interact with each other to trade bounties and loots, form alliances with other pirates to form a pirate band, and make raids and conquests. Additionally, the game offers deep gameplay with a detailed economy, numerous items, magic, acquisition of raw materials, and reproduction of new young pirates from male and female pirates.


There are three game modes – Battle Arenas, Private Islands, and World Map. In order to participate in any of these modes, the players need to own NFT pirates and an avatar for that pirate. Moreover, in the Battle Arena mode, there is a PvP style of gameplay. In Private Islands mode, the players can engage in economic matters and the building of their islands. In the World Map mode, players can strategize on a global level to pursue adventures.

Arrland Tokenomics

The game economy runs on NFTs and at the start, a collection of around 10,000 Genesis Pirates will be released. So, 1250 of these Genesis pirates are called the “Ancients”. Other NFT items will include islands, ships, female pirates, and young pirates. There is a vast variety in the types of these NFT items with various ships, islands, pirates, and equipment with different levels of rarity. Besides, the game introduces in-game currency $RUM and $AARC. $RUM is a utility token for in-game services and it is purchasable in exchange for $AARC and other stablecoins in the market. Finally, $AARC is the token used for in-game transactions of trade and it is unlimited in number.

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