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Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends




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Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends

Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends is a casual mobile shooter blockchain NFT game where players must match the right order of bubbles to burst them for points.

Those familiar with arcade games will absolutely fall in love with the game.

In this casual Bubble Shooter game, players must match groups of three or more bubbles of the same color in order to pop them and clear their board. This genre of games has the benefit of being fun to play in addition to being easy to play and understand as well. By using combos, skills, and items that will force bubbles to burst consecutively, players can engage in more dynamic gameplay.

Players can eventually acquire all of the "Pinkfong Wonderstar" major characters and "Baby Shark" partner characters and play with them. There are also other competitive game modes, including the 101 Battle Royale mode, team battles, and individual combat. The 101 Battle Royale mode will let users feel as though they are competing on a real e-Sports stage because it allows 101 participants to compete at once.

The BFF Token

  • Staking

Through staking, Bubble Fong Friends seeks to integrate decentralized governance and incentive structures. Little Shark Players of Bubble Fong who staked BBF tokens can vote in the ecosystem's decentralized governance and earn stake incentives.

  • Community Treasury

The [Community Treasury] will be created by Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends and run via decentralized governance. The Foundation will lead the operation until it achieves decentralization. The [Community Treasury assets ]'s shall be utilized in accordance with governance decisions.

  • Staking Rewards

After the 18th month, staking rewards are paid every week and held in escrow until the conclusion of the deposit term. Besides, ownership is then verified when the escrow period expires. Moreover, the staking incentives will be automatically dispersed by the smart contract once decentralized governance is implemented. After the establishment of the ecosystem's decentralized governance, specific stakeholder incentive policies will be defined.

Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends E-Sports

Bubble Fong Friends did a successful e-sports competition featuring well-known Kpop musicians and live streamers at G-Star 2021, Korea's largest gaming exhibition. They hope to build on this success by establishing a family-friendly e-Sports league in the future. All viewers will be able to join in tournaments held by Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends, breaking them free from the usual passive viewing mode and letting them take part in a fun competitive environment.

Video & Game Review - Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends

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