Storybook Brawl Negative Reviews

Storybook Brawl Negative Reviews

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 28 Mar 2023 04:34 UTC

Storybook Brawl Bombarded by Negative Reviews on Steam.

The recent groundbreaking deal between FTX Gaming and Good Luck Games wasn't well-received by the gamers. In retaliatory and blind hate, Storybook Brawl became a victim of negative review bombardment on Steam.

Storybook Brawl Bombarded By Negative Reviews
Storybook Brawl Bombarded By Negative Reviews

The negative review campaign came as a result of Storybook Brawl’s developer Good Luck Games acquisition from crypto company FTX.

After the deal between the two, it was quite evident that FTX Gaming will introduce monetization, NFT's, and blockchain integration into Storybook Brawl. Consequently, the community of the game as well as other gamers decided to retaliate hence the negative reviews.

Previously, the game received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam but it flipped for the game as soon as the Press Release went viral. The acquisition deal made FTX the owner of Good Luck Games as well as attained the rights of Storybook Brawl.


Nevertheless, FTX has had plans to include “the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions.” Moreover, some keen data miners and gaming enthusiasts dig in deep to find out that FTX plans to introduce NFTs in Storybook Brawl.

The community saw it as a way to milk the gamers for more money with nothing in return.

Storybook Brawl Bombarded By Negative Reviews
Storybook Brawl Bombarded By Negative Reviews

The community vented out and share their thoughts on the Steam platform.

  • “Was fun before it became a platform to sell NFTs.”
  • “The sooner all these NFT games fail, the sooner we won't have to put up with this kind of trash from shady corporations.”
  • “Great game, gobbled up by an NFT machine.”
  • “Heard about the NFTs so I downloaded the game so I could leave a negative review.
  • "I HATE NFTS!”

The hate is evident in the reviews and it shows that many gamers take NFT's and blockchain integration as a Ponzi scheme or an outright scam.

Many fans of the game Storybook Brawl have removed the game from their game libraries.

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